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Want racket reviews? How about passionate discourses on shoes. You're in the right place.
We also provide a racket re-stringing service, please ask for details


We love tennis, but we adore people (especially when said people love tennis). That's why you can call us anytime, for any tennis-related question.

fitness & tennis

If you don't think that running baseline to baseline gets you in shape in a hurry, you've got another thing coming! Also with our cardio tennis sessions you can get fit and play tennis at the same time!.

tennis leagues

Tennis is about competing. We run tennis leagues and regular competitions and play against other clubs.

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david has experience from coaching players from around the world. he has coached players who have won international and national championships. david and his team believe that to achieve your goals in tennis you must enjoy what you are doing!

  • Serve got you down?
  • Eye co-ordination Techniques
  • Footwork, Footwork, Footwork
  • Picking the Right Balls
  • Singles vs. Doubles
  • competitions


about David and his teams Tennis Lessons in Somerhill Rd, Nizells Avenue ( st Ann's Well Gardens), Hove bn3 1rp 

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